MATHER AMP CABINET has been lucky to work with great amp companies and individual musicians whose ideas have inspired truly excellent sounding enclosures.  We can build your custom design.  If you have a technical drawing with dimensions and cosmetic preferences, please email it to us and we can give you a quote.  In many cases we can also convert your head into a combo cabinet or your combo chassis into a head cabinet.

Solid Wood Cabinets

 We offer solid wood dovetailed cabinets in pine, walnut, cherry, ash, oak, and maple (non-figured shell).

 Elliptical Port Cabinets


Ducted Port Cabinets


                                                                    Designed by Bluetron Amps                                                                                    Ampeg Inspired

Custom Head Cabinets



 CEC    Heritage     Hook

    Keck        Lil Dawg      Mojave      Schroeder








Mather Amp Cabinet
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Designed and built by guitar players, for guitar players.