Marshall Style Cabinets

We offer reproduction and custom versions of many of the great Marshall amplifier cabinets.
Marshall style enclosures are constructed of Baltic birch plywood and feature period correct handles, piping, and grill cloth.
Solid pine versions of the open back cabinets as well as custom hardware for all Marshall style boxes is available.

Small Head (JTM-45 style) $265.00
Large Head (Super Lead Style) $295.00


18 watt style 1x12 combo $335.00
2x12 Modern style ext (no valance) $365.00


2x12 Bluesbreaker style I (valance/thick edge or II (valance/thin edge) extension

2x12 Bluesbreaker style combo $385.00


2x12 Slant extension $455.00
2x12 Straight extension $395.00
4x12 Slant extension $475.00
4x12 Straight extension $415.00



All Marshall style cabinets come with the appropriate handle, piping, gold mesh, & feet. Logos are sold separately & if you need please e-mail us for a price.

We are not affiliated with Marshall Amplification plc. All referenced names above are trademarks of Marshall Amplification plc.





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